Behavior Change


We know that no child is bad.  Unwanted behaviors are your child's way of telling you something.  We just need to figure out what your child is saying! 


Parents who participate in behavior change sessions learn why their child is behaving in undesirable ways.  Then they learn strategies to prevent the behavior and how to respond if behavior happens.  Our evidence based recommendations build on your parenting style and values.    

Behavior change services include the RUBI parent training program and personalized parent coaching services.    Often families participate in RUBI parent training and then use coaching sessions to support follow up care.  

Most behavior change sessions are conducted on zoom allowing your clinician to be a fly on the wall in your home.  That way you can be assured that we understand the whole picture.  

We can help manage

  • Tantrums and meltdowns

  • Non-compliance

  • Aggression

  • Talking back

  • Unsafe behavior

  • Repetitive behaviors

  • Lack of flexibility

  • and more

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